27 Ways Of Looking At Vision

Being able to see is a beautiful thing.  A large part of our world is taken in through our sight.  It is something, that we have a tendency of taking for granted.  We tend to think of it as only being the conversations between the different parts of the eyes anatomy.  But that is only one part of the story.  We know scientifically what happens when we see, but there is also an emotional, spiritual, and psychological phenomena happening at the same time.  When I look at something or someone I love, there is that instant feeling of warmth and connection.  Where does that come from?  I know that I can look at my animals or people that I know and we would be able to communicate without sound.  The conversation is happening through our eyes.

When I was reading the ethnography I felt very connected to what was being said.  The way the Yolmo wa communicate their beliefs in how they see and the process that is happening is what I believe in.  The words we use to describe and explain what is going on are different, but the feeling and the connectedness is there.  When I have a conversation with someone my goal is to maintain as much eye contact as I can, not only to see what the other person is saying through their eyes and body movements, but it is also a way to establish a connection to that person.  It is part of our human nature to use our eyes and the general movement of our head to convey what we are really trying to say.  For example, if I don’t know a person very well, I won’t be making as much eye contact with them, but gradually as we get to know each other I will start to look at them more and make that connection.  Or when I am happy and excited about something I will look at them in the eye and try to express my emotions through the connection.  The same thing happens when I feel sad or ashamed or embarrassed, except for instead of looking at them I will focus my gaze directly passed them, as to hide or divert or to deny the emotion I am feeling.  To put it simply our eyes convey emotion and that emotion comes from our heart.  We see both with our eyes and with our heart.  The heart provides the connection or link to what we are seeing and the eyes capture that image and we process those two acts together creating that connection.